payruler receives check

Payruler Secures Grant from SCPA’s HIIGENE Program

In partnership with the AIM-DBI, the SCPA launched the Human Investment x Impact Grant for Entrepreneurship and Empowerment.

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employee engagement

Connecting the Vital Roles of HR and Employee Engagement in 2021

Employee engagement is becoming one of the biggest buzz terms in the world of human resources and there’s a good reason for it.

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hr work

How to Optimize the Hiring Process While Working from Home

HR’s specific struggles concerning recruitment and hiring don’t always translate so well to working from home.

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ventilation guidelines

DOLE Ventilation Guidelines for Each Workspace: What is it?

In case you missed it, DOLE released their Guidelines on Ventilation for Workplaces and Public Transport to Prevent and Control the Spread of…

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What HR Can Do to Promote Work-Life Balance and Boost Employee Morale

DOLE Secretary Bello has recently come out with a statement reaffirming his sentiments on the importance of employees’ right to disconnect whenever…

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hr manager working

Why HR Professionals Are at the Forefront of Shaping a Purpose-Led Company Culture

Every company has an inherent culture, but only the strongest and most successful ones have a culture that is built on structure, strategy, and…

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