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Made by Filipinos for the Philippine tax structure, Payruler is proud to be locally made and used by more than 100+ homegrown companies both SMEs and large enterprises.


Covering more than 70% of the various industries in the Philippines, our robust and comprehensive system manages different types of timekeeping and payroll computations.

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Enjoy the ease of onboarding! Payruler streamlines recruitment processes across channels

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Say goodbye to mountains of paperwork with our organized documentation of important files!


Empowerment for the organization! Empowered HR teams create empowered employees.

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No need for long goodbyes! Payruler provides easier processing of exit interviews and asset tracking for clearance.


Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE)

Regarded as one of the oldest stock exchanges in Asia, the PSE relentlessly pushes their organization to stay updated with new products and technologies to modernize their processes and trading facilities. In this pursuit, efficient management and analysis of employee data and keeping track of information beginning from the date of hiring became more crucial than ever.

Enter Payruler:

With a rigorous evaluation process among multiple providers, Payruler became the clear choice that would be able to fine tune and meet PSE’s customization requirements while adhering to internal compliance and government-mandated regulations. The integration of HRMS with payroll in a system took out silos and proved to be an enabler for the employees.

The Process:

When the basic features of computations were successfully paralleled with the existing system and critical customization seamlessly applied to fit the needs of PSE as a whole - it was clear that the first month of deployment exceeded their expectations. Everyone in the organization had ready access to allowed information through the securely encrypted Employee Self Service (ESS) portal with further customization to capture the uniqueness of PSE’s internal needs.


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