Are you getting the right holiday pay?

Understanding how holiday pay is calculated in the Philippines is crucial. It guarantees that employees are fairly compensated for working on a…

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How Payruler Offloads You the Tedious Task of Computing the 13th Month

Basic salary computation can get tedious in and of itself. Add 13th month pay to that and you are assured of a crazy holiday season rushing to meet…

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Why We Need To Talk About Mental Health In The Workplace

Work is inextricably linked to mental health. Our work affects our mental health, and our mental health affects our work.

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Payruler at PMAP Cebu’s 2022 Regional Conference: HR IN TRANSITION

Last August 3-5, Payruler was honored and delighted to be a part of PMAP Cebu's Regional Conference: "RC22: HR in Transition". The 3-day conference…

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employees talking

The Top Tips for Assessing Employee Performance

When it comes to assessing employee performance, it’s always a tricky balancing act for human resource professionals.

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women in workplace

7 Ways You Can Empower Women in the Workplace

With more women leading the charge at work, we have more reasons now than ever to support women empowerment in the workplace through these steps...

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