Find out what makes us the most comprehensive HRMS and payroll system in the Philippines!

We help HR departments to get the administrative tasks done so they can focus on what truly matters - the company’s people.

Since 2015, we built Payruler specifically for Philippine businesses – for 20-people architecture firms to 20,000-people manpower agencies. Through our experience, we constantly believe that HR is a key business driver and important decision maker, rather than just a policy enforcer.

That is why we built our system to offer an end-to-end solution that automates, integrates, and streamlines HR processes so our clients can focus on their people as their key input towards greater success.

Company Values

These are what we anchor on in order to become effective enablers for the companies we service

Commitment to Excellence





Guiding Principles

These are our fundamental values that guide us as a company

Calm Advocates

We are not in race. What others accomplish has no bearing on what we do so we stay on course.

Family Alliances

We treat each other with the same respect as members of our family, but a true work-life balance is being an ally of families rather than being a family.

hr team

Help us keep up with the constantly changing HR landscape

We are set out to do good work, deliver good value to clients, and of course, be able provide and show up for our families. Come join us and let’s work hand in hand towards success!


We would be nowhere without these companies, who believed in the good that Payruler could do.

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