“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” – Richard Branson

Human Resource is the spine of any corporate structure. It’s a unit that deals with various aspects of the employee experience from hiring to retirement. There’s a talent race that’s ongoing in just about any industry. Companies are competing to get the best people possible as they beef up their teams through comprehensive recruitment and training programs. This is why HR professionals must continually stay on their toes with regard to making sure that company strategies and goals are continually aligned with one another.

Too often, any corporate unit can get so distracted and caught up with the latest tools and technologies that are available to them. Of course, these tools are great and can immensely benefit a company. But in the age of accelerated efficiency and productivity, it’s important for organizations to continually focus on the essential principles of HR as their foundation in its daily processes.

Recruit for Skills, but Hire for Attitude

It’s very important for companies to make the distinction between a recruit’s skills and attitude. Both of these competencies are vital for a potential employee. At the base of it all, it’s always a plus if a recruit has the necessary core competencies that will allow them to be productive and efficient at their work. However, more than that, they also need the right kind of attitude that will allow them to seamlessly fit into a company’s culture and dynamics. In 2015, a study conducted by the University of Michigan saw that teams with more positive dispositions were found to be more productive. Aside from that, around 36% of professionals who were polled on Linked-In said that a positive attitude was one of the most important qualities that employers tend to look for. With tools like the Identify module in Payruler, HR professionals are given valuable insight into the working history and job performance of every single employee in an organized and systematic manner.This makes for a much easier analysis and evaluation process.

Understand the Difference Between Man and Machine

Technology is continuously shaping the way that the world works and how people interact with one another. It has played a vital role in the advancement of industry and human civilization as we know it. However, it’s important that companies recognize the fact that machines exist to complement man’s workflow. They’re not there to replace human contributions altogether. Payruler takes the time to ask about the situation of its team members. Conversations around life inside and outside of work are considered important. That is why the office of the People Operations at Payruler is open to the concerns of its people. At Payruler, it is important for the administrative tasks to get done; and it is equally important to provide listening ears to members who are needing them.

Treat Everyone with Fairness and Respect

At the end of the day, HR gives the human touch to organizations. Too often, institutions like superpower corporations tend to function a lot like machines in order to maximize efficiency and productivity. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t make for a very healthy working environment when workers are made to feel like they are merely cogs in a machine as opposed to actual people. That’s why HR professionals have to be the champion of the people by treating them with fairness and respect at all times.. Recognizing the humanity and dignity in each employee will lead them… also lead them to become more engaged in the work that they do. Statistics show that companies with a high level of employee engagement are 22% more profitable.
Payruler provides a safe environment for its team players to provide their insights on the different matters that run inside the team. During feedback sessions, the People Operations team asks for the individuals’ inputs on how they can improve their performance. Payruler doesn’t readily assume that it knows the situation of its members, but seeks to understand better where they are coming from.

Provide Opportunities for Growth

If we go back to the Richard Branson quote that we used to open this article, it’s not enough that companies are able to attract the best talent. It’s just as important that companies know how to retain their best talent as well. Retaining talent is a recipe for competitive advantage of an organization. One effective way of doing so is making sure that employees know that they always have upward mobility within a company. This can be manifested in the forms of promotions, more responsibilities, and whatnot. Employees always have to feel like there’s still room for them to grow within an organization so that they will be more motivated to continue to develop themselves.

Growth is one of the valued aspects of Payruler. The People Operations provides training for individuals with room for improvement. For those team players who are already performing well, Payruler positions them as the next generation of leaders. Thus, equipping and honing their soft skills. Moreover, about 16% of its members used to be interns. Payruler provides exposure and immersion to its members, no matter where they are in their careers.

Promote Teamwork and Collaboration

Finally, HR should always find a way to promote seamless teamwork and collaboration between employees. They can do this by promoting modern communication channels like Discord or Slack. They can also organize fellowship programs that promote camaraderie and team-building. Studies have shown that around 70% of employees say that having a friend at work is one of the most crucial elements of maintaining a happy work life. It’s always up to HR to ensure that employees aren’t just good individually. But it’s even more important that HR ensures that employees know how to work together efficiently and cordially. Aside from these tools, the Empower module of the Payruler system allows team members to constantly stay aware of each other’s whereabouts and work statuses. This kind of feature is crucial for forging team synergy, especially on projects that require collaboration and cohesion.

Payruler uses its home-grown Empower module to foster a sense of community within the organization. Everyone is up-to-date with the engagement activities inside the organization since Payruler allots time for socialization.


Essentially, what all of these principles have in common is that they are calls to appeal to the nature of human beings. They encourage HR professionals to be more in touch with the human side of running an organization. More than just seeing team members as statistics or resources, it’s important that they are recognized as individuals who have their own set of goals, aspirations, interests, and skills. It’s from that basic understanding wherein a solid foundation for a humane and nurturing working environment can be cultivated.

Whenever you are choosing a productivity tool that is designed to promote efficiency and effectiveness within the workplace, it’s also important that you take into consideration the principles that have been discussed here today. Again, machines and tools merely serve to complement someone’s work and productivity. Technology can help simplify certain processes and systems, but it’s the people who are responsible for developing these systems in the first place.