Last August 3-5, Payruler was honored and delighted to be a part of PMAP Cebu’s[1] Regional Conference: “RC22: HR in Transition”. The 3-day conference consisted of 3 main topics: Calibrate, Acquire, and Nurture. Each topic focused on urgent, relevant, and meaningful issues affecting all kinds of organizations. Aside from the engaging points of discussion, the conference also featured multiple prominent and visionary resource speakers that have also transitioned to the current work environment which we call the “Now Normal”.

Payruler’s Booth at PMAP (From L-R) Sales Team: Grace Lacida, Macy Cruz HR: MJ Marcellana COO: Timmy de Jesus CTO: Eddie Ybañez Business Development Head: James Pe Lim

The first day of the conference focused on Calibrate – a discussion focusing on the importance of employee engagement and finding opportunities even with the great disruption brought by the pandemic. Through the opening keynote, it was made clear that even if technology was a big help in bridging the gap brought by this disruption, it is not the main solution. Representing GCash, Cathyln Dolor Pavia, their AVP for Commercials, reminds the attendees, “People make the business. People managers utilize technology to build and enhance experience.” To continue the discussion on calibration, the opening plenary focused on threats and opportunities brought by the pandemic’s disruption. Angie Santa Maria, a Business Solutions Consultant from The Gallup Organization, indicated that the great resignation was not an industry, but a workplace issue. She presented a case study highlighting the difference between engagement and satisfaction, wherein engaged employees are truly involved. The final plenary session for the day probed the topic even further by asking relevant questions like, “Will you allow work from home, compressed work week, part-time, or broken time?” To conclude the day one’s focus on calibration, Michelle Cordero-Garcia, the Regional HR Director (Asia-Pacific) of Dexcom Philippines, stated, “We realized that there is no amount of technological transformation that can solve our problems unless we take care of the people who will be utilizing technology.”

Angie Santa Maria, Business Solutions Consultant from The Gallup Organization, sharing her insights on the importance of Employee Engagement.

Acquire as the topic for the second day of the conference focused on the importance of various forms of empowerment, tools, and preparations are important to sustain the organization in the “Now Normal”. To kick things off, Sean D. Darilay, the Principal & Talent Solutions Business Leader of Mercer Philippines, encourages all HR Professionals to continue learning and planning ahead on harnessing new technologies. A panel discussion featuring Alfred Reyes, General Manager of Bai Hotel Cebu, and Acie Arroyo-Cruz, Senior Strategic Consultant of AON, followed afterwards. Moderated by Michael Godinez, Chief People Officer of Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI), they talked about core competencies on risk, business continuity and partnership. Surprised with the expanding roles given to HR practitioners, each panelist offered key insights on how being human was truly essential in ensuring survival and thriving amidst trying times. Amaya Aboitiz-Fansler, the president and CEO of RAFI, also captures the importance of being human by explaining the value of social impact in her plenary talk. “Traditional CSR is usually associated with one-time donation[s]. Social Impact is based on the kind and depth of impact to the community… Employees want to create positive change in where they work.”

Discussing their different HR solutions on surviving the pandemic. (From L-R) Michael Godinez from RAFI, Acie Arroyo-Cruz from AON, and Alfred Reyes of Bai Hotel Cebu.

Concluding the conference with Nurture as the main topic, each plenary session highlighted sustainable development on work culture and empowerment. Focusing on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Catherine Chang-Sakay, SR Director of Employee Experience in Alorica PH, mentioned that a workplace that promotes a good work culture focuses on acceptance. There is a sense of belonging that requires three mutually reinforcing attributes: comfort, connection, and contribution. Leading this new environment would also highlight the need to equip leaders or prepare future leaders as well. Jovenir Bataican, Managing Director of Ideascentral, took the time to remind managers in his plenary session about redefining HR by speaking of the non-negotiables of leadership: integrity, competence, people skills, authenticity, and fluency. Taking the importance of their own work culture a step further for her plenary session, Gwen Dela Cruz, General Manager of SEDA Ayala Center Cebu, shared, “With wearing face masks and putting up glass barriers, we had to make sure our eyes were smiling. Hospitality must be there, no matter what.”

Catherine Chang-Sakay, SR Director of Employee Experience in Alorica PH, happily shares the value of fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

With over 200 enlightened and engaged attendees, PMAP-Cebu’s 2022 Regional Conference: “RC22: HR in Transition” proved to be a productive and meaningful convergence for People Managers in the region. Diosdado “Bobot” Codoy, President of PMAP-Cebu, reminds us of the great responsibility we have in helping our organizations overcome the challenges by leading them through this transition. The transition is still ongoing for most of us – the learning curve has not stopped and we continue to learn how to adapt and accept this reality. It is quite alarming, but it is manageable. Vice President of PMAP-Cebu, Denise Davide-Blanco assures us, “We are in this together. As one people management community, we are stronger as we lead organizations through growing pains, adversities, and transformation… We shall continue to calibrate on best practices, acquire new skills, and nurture the people and amazing talent placed under our care. Together we CAN. Together we shall transition into the best version of ourselves.”

Diosdado “Bobot” Codoy, President of PMAP-Cebu, reminds us of the great responsibility we have in helping our organizations overcome the challenges by leading them through this transition.

This year’s topics were truly defining points of interest that aligned with our belief on the future of HR. Payruler encourages everyone to continue to scale your organization by not just providing new technology, but rather also investing thought and time into making sure it works and serves all of your employees in any environment. If you resonate with what we shared and want to benefit from a system that will free up your HR to allow them to be better equipped with what the future holds, let’s talk!

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[1] The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) – Cebu, Inc., a non-profit professional organization aimed at advancing the practice, professionalization, and development of people management.