What HR Can Do to Promote Work-Life Balance and Boost Employee Morale

DOLE Secretary Bello has recently come out with a statement reaffirming his sentiments on the importance of employees’ right to disconnect whenever…

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hr manager working

Why HR Professionals Are at the Forefront of Shaping a Purpose-Led Company Culture

Every company has an inherent culture, but only the strongest and most successful ones have a culture that is built on structure, strategy, and…

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HR as Architects of the Employee Experience and the Future Workforce

The old way of how people work made sense. But then the world changed. For a start, we’re now living through the most uncertain times with the…

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How the COVID-19 Pandemic Created the Need for Businesses to Invest in an Efficient HRMS

Navigating the world of business has never been easy. Every single day all around the world, different companies and entrepreneurs try to outdo one…

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